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Ruthermore adventures traveling with kids in the big, wide world

Sapa – mountains, magic, music, and mud

SAPA: mountains, magic, music, and mud. W e have looked forward to our visit to Sapa since we started planning our trip to Vietnam. So many people we've spoken to, and blogs we've read, have had such good things to say about it. Although we had a slight glitch in the...

A whirlwind tour of North Eastern Vietnam

CAO BANG, BAN GIOC WATERFALL, AND BA BE LAKE W e are back in Hanoi now, catching some downtime at a peaceful AirBNB overlooking one of the lakes in Tay Ho, near the West Lake. For all its craziness and unrelenting energy, arriving back in Hanoi felt like coming home....

Vietnam – taking the plunge

About 4 months ago, Kate and I started thinking about going on a holiday that was just for us. For the 9 years we've been together, and particularly since the kids turned up on the doorstep looking for somewhere to live, we've been heading back home to see my whanau,...

Hoi An – a magic city

Hoi An.... What can I say... What a magic little city!! We spent a week exploring the Ancient City and surrounds, and it was the perfect way to end an outstanding holiday. We decided that a pool was a priority for our stay here, as the kids had been struggling with...

Night train from Sapa

SAPA TO HANOI: Trains, buses, confusion, and mud A s I mentioned in my last post, the journey from Sapa to Hanoi was interesting, to say the least, and deserves a post all of its own..... After a nice few days in and around Sapa, we headed back to Lao Cai to catch...

5 days in Hanoi

by Goldie | 17/9/17 Over the six weeks we were in Vietnam, Hanoi was our base a place to gather ourselves between all our other adventures. The first five days of our adventure, in the Hanoi Old Quarter, were an amazing experience for us all. Hanoi is an incredible...

Hanoi – day 1

by Goldie | September 10, 2017 As we drove into Hanoi from the airport, we got our first taste of Vietnamese traffic. There seems to be some logic, some rules of conduct, but it was nothing like anything I understand. Our driver swerved all over the place, taking any...

Catba Island, Lanha Bay, and the monkey incident

CATBA ISLAND, AND THE MONKEY INCIDENT. I t started off well. A three hour bus/boat/bus ride from Hanoi, and we were settling in to Catba Central Hotel, on Catba Island, in Lanha Bay. Lanha Bay borders onto Ha Long Bay, and the topography is similarly stunning, with...

Ninh Binh – adventures in a magical world of temples, caves, and mountains

NINH BINH Adventures in a magical world of temples, caves, and mountains. F ollowing our adventures and misadventures involving monkeys and typhoons in Lanha bay, we made it back to Hanoi in one piece. We got Archie to the medical clinic, where he was given a series...





Music written and produced by Goldie Rutherford

Modest monkey

by Goldie Rutherford | From the deep

Desert Road

by Goldie Rutherford | From the deep

Seen the storm

by Goldie Rutherford | As big as a tree


by Goldie Rutherford | As big as a tree

 Sound Guise

Music written and produced by Goldie and Piri Rutherford, Natasha Nathanielsz, and friends


Photography by Goldie Rutherford

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