Goldie rutherford




Kinda like Bruce Lee crossed with Harry Potter, we use Ninja Tricks and Magic to Kick Butt for our Clients

What we do

Waving our wands, we leap over tall buildings, fight dragons, and create….

Facebook Ads

 To make your ads appear right when and where they’re needed. Full sales funnels…


Messenger Chatbots

Hiding in peoples pockets, we whisper secrets about how awesome your business is.

Web Design

We show other people how cool you are, by making your things appear on their screens.

Youtube Ads

We sneak into peoples lunchboxes and hide amongst the carrot sticks. Then we make them hungry…

Graphic Design

Pretty things, powerful things, things that make you shine. Thats what we do. We make you shine.

Network of Professionals

We are everywhere; whenever you need us we’ll be there. Pretty much Superman styles…..

The most important thing we do is have fun with our work. We love creating things that inspire creativity, engagement, and inspiration… Whatever medium we are working with, this is what we strive for…

Here are some things…

moving pictures…

web site thingys…

Click on the images to view the sites

Our Skills

We take things very seriously…
We make cool little graph things, which make people think we, and our clients are awesome. Its a well known fact that people love little graph things, and are more likely to open their wallets if you have one on your website…
  • Facebook ads – 90%
  • Chatbot marketing- 92%
  • Web design – 78%

We like putting little bits of text that look cool in strategic places, so that it looks like we know what we’re talking about. We can do that for you too…

Testimonials are important. They create a sense of trust. These ones are fake, and make no sense whatsoever, so they are probably not much use at all…
“A man walks into a zoo. There is only one animal. Its a dog. Its a shitzu.”
Ivana Hug

“Love is like a fart. If you have to force it it’s probably s***.”
Stephen K. Amos

“What did the puirate say on his 80th birthday?Aye matey.”
John Silver

“Two fish in a tank. One says: ‘How do you drive this thing?’”
Peter Kay

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